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About Imperial Vaults

The notion of safety is essential to keep you from losing your peace of mind. When it comes to ensuring the safety of your hard-earned assets, there is no room for negligence. Ineffective practices like stashing essential documents and assets into a safe or trunk might not be the best security measure for you today. That’s where Imperial Vaults steps in. We understand your need for security and act on it by offering the best in the business. Imperial Vaults is Auckland's premier, private vault facility that caters to diverse security needs.


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Safe Deposit Boxes

We offer safe deposit boxes exclusively designed to hold your prized possessions and valuables that you cannot stash at your home. Make your home a stress-free zone by vaulting your valuables in a safe deposit locker. Let us fret about your belongings while you go about living your life. All you need to do is drop in, sign up, lock it and forget it (not literally of course!)

State-of-the Art Security

Our state-of-the art security utilises modern technology such as biometric security systems along with conventional security measures. You state your terms and we will cater to your needs accordingly. You can either rent a deposit box for a short-term or long-term, the choice is yours. We will find the perfect fit for you. Our vaults are designed to last forever and reliability is never a point of concern for our customers.

24/7 Support

We are conveniently located in Auckland and offer 24/7 security. Walk in whenever you want to view or collect the contents of your box and we promise to keep your assets safe and sound in your absence. Along with security, discretion is also a promise. Our system is seamless and we are permanently committed to upholding our high standards. You can always rely on us and vault with confidence!

10000 Safe deposit boxes
1000's Happy clients
7 Open days a week
45 Free car parks