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Box Sizes Available

8 Different Sizes for Your Needs

Box Availability

Imperial Vaults offers 8 different safety deposit box sizes available for hire or purchase. The rental terms and the box size is for you to decide. Please see the guide below on the different box sizes available and their implications on your needs.

Competitive rates are available on longer-term rentals. Please see our friendly team in Mt. Roskill, Auckland for further assistance.

Box A - Lifetime Allocation
Box B - Lifetime Allocation
Box D - Total Occupancy
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Box A

60mm X 111mm X 600mm

Our introductory safety deposit box starts at only $140 per annum. Suitable to keep a few small-prized possessions securely.

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Box B

80mm X 111mm X 600mm

Our next safety deposit box has more depth than Box A, allowing for a more spacious secure storage space.

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Box C

110mm X 150mm X 400mm

Box C is one of our shorter boxes with a lot more depth, allowing ample storage for personal needs.

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Box D

60mm X 250mm X 600mm

Box D – Our most popular safety deposit box! Suitable for various needs, allowing a multipurpose and wide safe storage.

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Box E

110mm X 300mm X 400mm

Need the combination of width for broader items and depth to match? Although our Box E has limited availability, there are available allocations for this unique box.

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Box F

190mm X 300mm X 400mm

Having more depth compared to Box E, the spacious Box F will allow you to put in more valuables with enough dimension to include bigger items.

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Box G

181mm X 250mm X 600mm

Three times the depth of Box D, Box G provides a comfortable space to keep a variety of valuable items, large or small.

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Box H

250mm X 250mm X 600mm

The largest storage option offered at Imperial Vaults, this safety deposit box is wide and deep enough to stack multiple items.

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