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The Ultimate Security Deposit Vault

Your important possessions are no longer safe under your bed or in your sock drawer. They need proper and professional security at all times. At Imperial Vaults, we have safe deposit vaults that can protect and store everything from documents to jewellery to antiques. You can choose from our variety of safe deposit box sizes according to your requirements. Your safe deposit box is accessible to you at any time. Both longer and shorter rental terms are available.

Security Measures

We operate both traditional and high tech security to protect our facility. Some of those security measures are obvious – we list few of them below.

We keep some of them private, however, but they are in place. The result is security that is multi-layered and resilient.

What we have in place at our security deposit storage facility includes:

  • Dual key safe deposit boxes
  • Photo ID
  • Biometric systems including palm scanning
  • A high-quality steel vault
  • State-of-the-art CCTV that operates 24/7
  • 24/7 remote monitoring


Imperial Vaults offers different sizes of safe deposit boxes in Auckland to cater to unique as well as specific customer needs. Our boxes range from the smallest to the largest. The smaller boxes are ideal for storing cash, computer backup disks, jewellery and other such small valuable possessions. The mid-range boxes are ideal for documents of different types and sizes. The larger boxes are ideal for bigger antiques or larger amounts of documents, etc.

Pick a box that’s right for you from our range of box sizes.

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