Why Us

Trusted. Secure. Private.

Imperial Vaults is a private, highly secure safe deposit boxes facility located conveniently in Mt. Roskill. We offer private safety boxes of different sizes and shapes. We offer you a superior alternative to your bank safe deposit boxes and provide you with the highest level of security. We offer you a space that is more secure than your home and more enhanced than your bank.

Here are some of the things that set Imperial Vaults apart from the rest in the industry:

  • Imperial Vaults is a safe haven in today’s turbulent and constantly worrying times.
  • At Imperial Vaults, our sole job is to offer you safety and security for your most valued possessions.
  • Imperial Vaults is the best alternative to your traditional bank safety deposit box model as it comes with cutting edge technology and superior accessibility
  • At Imperial Vaults, we offer the best security and safe deposit box system in Auckland, enabled by technology that is not susceptible to any kind of identity theft or any such other threats.
  • Imperial Vaults is privately owned by seasoned industry professionals with decades of experience in safety vaults and security.
  • We offer safe deposit boxes in various sizes and shapes with no waiting lists to meet your specific and unique requirements.
  • At Imperial Vaults, your privacy is the single most important asset to us. Therefore, we focus strongly on complete transparency, compliance and ethical behavior at all times.
  • Are you wondering why you should keep your valued belongings in a safety deposit box? Talk to our expert right away.

Why Use Our Safe Deposit Lockers & Boxes?

Storing your items in a security deposit box will protect you from loss, but why should you choose Imperial Vaults.


Safe deposit lockers have to be secure, but we have taken security to a new level not only in Auckland but in Australasia. This includes using traditional security methods such as constructing our vault using high quality impenetrable steel. We also operate 24/7 monitoring via a sophisticated CCTV system, plus each box is dual key, i.e. it can’t be opened unless you are present.

Low Rates

Other security measures are in place too but they are measures we don’t divulge. All of them are in place so we can deliver on the ultimate objective of our business – ensuring the items in your security deposit box are as safe and secure as possible.

Modern Technologies

At Imperial Vaults we have made the most of classic as well as modern technology to provide the most safe 'safe deposit boxes' available to you. We have introduced the latest bio-metric software that incorporates palm scanning. The most sophisticated system in not only Auckland but in the entire Australasia.


With over fifty on site car parks and four dedicated parking spaces available at all times, accessing your safe deposit box has never been more convenient. Not only is Imperial Vaults situated in a easy to use location in Mt Roskill, It is only a couple of minutes from the southern motorway allowing you to have no problem commuting to access your locker.

Steel Fortress

Book for an appointment for a safe deposit locker today and be blown away. You will immediately feel confident in our premises and find using your safe deposit box to be a much more comfortable experience than anywhere else. Imperial Vaults is a well structured facility more than capable for storing your valuable items securely in one of eight different sized safe deposit boxes.

Customer Care

The idea for Imperial Vaults started with our friends in the community requesting to keep their precious valuables and documents with us. The risk of theft from burglary, accidents such as fire at home or other factors are too risky for certain irreplaceable goods you may own. We have taken into consideration your demands as a customer on what is required for safe keeping of precious goods.

Are you wondering why you should keep your valued belongings in a safety deposit box?
Talk to our expert right away.